Who we are

Rural Seeds – or ‘World Rural Doctors in Training’– is a network comprising largely of
students and young doctors with an interest in rural medicine who collaborate closely with
experienced doctors and other health professionals. Rural Seeds was established in 2016
following the success of the Rural Family Medicine Café in 2015 and Rural Health Success
Stories in 2016, and was officially launched in 2017 at the 14 th Wonca World Rural Health
Conference in Cairns, Australia, as part of the conference’s ‘Call to Action’.

The aim of Rural Seeds is to be a worldwide network that raises awareness and improves the guidance in training for rural practice  for people in the early stages of their career development. It uses the mentorship and knowledge available from WONCA’s Working Party on Rural Practice (WWPRP) and also liaises with WONCA’s Young Doctor’s Movement. One of its main aims is to contribute to the UN17 Sustainable Development Goals, especially goal number 10: “Reduce inequality within and among countries” since inequality in access to health services still persists around the world, particularly in rural areas.

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Rural Seeds Timeline

What we do

Rural Seeds works to identify the rural healthcare needs in various regions and to understand what improvements can be made through the local and global rural community. While the main channel of communication is a Google Group, there are also other regional groups and social media spaces for involvement. To become a member of the network, a person needs to complete a form providing general information about themselves and their reasons for joining.