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The project Vídeos Rurais  aims to explore some topics about rural health, specifically for undergraduate medical students and newly qualified healthcare professionals through video productions, mainly animations. 
With the financial support of the Brazilian Society of Family Medicine, a Brazilian group within Rural Seeds was able to obtain the software and tools needed to produce short videos about rural health, in conjunction with the Brazilian Working Group for Rural Health. These have also been used to educate the general population on specific topics in rural health. 

The Rural Seeds video network was also used to produce “Francesa Alta”,  a documentary about pesticides (directed by  Paola Veiga) and “Ruralices” which is a poetic perspective on the work of rural young doctors, with images from Mayara Floss and text from Amber Wheatley. 

The videos “Francesa Alta”, “Do you know what’s rural health?”, “Planetary Health, what is this?”, “Ruralices” and “Why rural health is different from urban?” were selected for the International Short Film and Arts Festival at the 15th WONCA World Rural Health Conference held in New Delhi. The last two were awarded with best soundtrack and best animation respectively.

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